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Pandemic Application Process

     My name is Zack, and I am an Administrator here on the Pandemic Network and I would like to let you know that we are always accepting Staff Applications for our Trainee, Developer, and Builder positions. Please note that you may not, let me say that again, you may NOT apply for an Admin position. You become an admin through hard work and dedication as a Trainee. Now that we've gotten that clarified, let me explain the process that you and your application will go through.

     To start, you must properly fill out a staff application with the proper format that we designed. Any application that is not filled out in the format will be rejected. Once you have filled out your application, we ask that you give us 1 - 5 Days to respond to your staff application. If you do not get a response after 6 Days, please private message a Moderator on the website with a link to your application, and we will gladly review it for you. Once you have submitted your application, you are in Stage 1 of our process. Stage 1 is the Overview Stage, where our applications team reviews your application and determines if you can move on based on just your application. If your application is well-done, they will move you onto Stage 2, the Background Stage. In this background stage, the applications team member that has been assigned to your application will look into your history on our network and on others. If you have a good record from the past, the applications member assigned to your application will move you onto Stage 3 of our applications process, the Interview Stage. In the Interview Stage, you will be interviewed by another member of the applications team. In this interview, that member will ask you hard questions about scenarios you might encounter on the server. After you have passed the interview stage, you will be moved to Stage 4, the finalizing Stage. In the Finalizing Stage, your application and your interview will be brought before the Senior Leadership of the server (Admins) and they will decide if you should be brought to the team. You will need to get 2/3 of the Senior Leadership to accept you to be accepted on the staff team.

    Thank you for reading this, and good luck on becoming a staff member!
      - Zack0101, Administrator

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