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Network Rules

The following is a list of rules that apply to the server network. Please read through these carefully - just as in real life, ignorance is not an excuse when you break the rules!

1. Be respectful of all users.

Everyone is different, and you might be better at something than someone else. That being said, you cannot "rub it in" disrespectfully. Especially, phrases such as "ez" will not be tolerated - they are undermining and unnecessary. As well, discrimination based on race, sex, or anything else will not be tolerated.

2.  Do not swear or curse.

Realistically, there is a much younger audience in-game than on the forums, and we do not want to encourage explicit language among them. Swearing in any form is not allowed on the server as a result. Attempting to bypass the chat filter will result in a temporary or permanent mute.

3. Do not spam chat.

Spamming is when someone fills the chat with gibberish or the same sentence over and over again, hindering the functionality of the chat for other players. Spamming will result in a temporary mute.

4. Do not advertise.

This is situational and will be handled on a case-to-case basis. Generally, do not give out IPs in any form on the server. If you want to give an IP to a friend, do so in PM or outside of the server.

5. Do not grief other players.

Griefing is intentionally destroying the property of other players - whether it be in the form of animals or builds. If you grief other players, you will be temporarily banned and removed from their plot/island.

6. Strictly NO hacked clients or exploiting.

If you are caught with a hacked client, you will receive at least at least a week-long ban. up to a permanent ban. If you are caught intentionally exploiting a game-breaking bug, you will be temporarily banned. We encourage all users to report any bugs that they find to the forums!

7. No scamming allowed.

You may not scam users in any trades involving the Pandemic Network. This includes real-life currency, in-game currency, or items. If you are caught scamming, your playerdata will be deleted and you will be either temporarily banned or permanently banned, depending on the severity of the scam. If you get scammed, report it on the forums, including proof.

8. Have fun!

The reason we created the Pandemic Network is to have a fun and safe environment for everyone to enjoy. We have dedicated a lot of our time working on the network so that we could be proud to present you with a network we are sure you will love. Thank you for playing on the Pandemic Network - we hope you enjoy your stay!

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